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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    MoD backs down on Porton Down killing

    You may remember, we posted about the case of a 20 year old air force member who was tested on, basically without his consent at the Porton Down establishment in 1953, just a few days ago. An inquest found that the man had been unlawfully killed, the Guardian reports on the MoD's decision to back down on the issue:

    At the start of its challenge at the high court, the MoD agreed to accept the verdict on the basis that he had died as a result of "gross negligence" in the "conduct and planning" of the experiment at the Porton Down chemical warfare establishment.

    This was not purely gross negligence, as those familiar with the goings on at Porton Down will know, this was just one case of many, where human guinea pigs were used in various unethical tests.
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