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  • Friday, February 03, 2006

    Memo reveals plans to lure Saddam Hussein to war

    Channel 4 News has this report, looking at the details of a memo from 2003 which showed that Bush and Blair discussed the possibility of flying US aircraft disguised in UN colours over Iraq in order to lure Saddam Hussein into firing on them:

    Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Sands said: "I think no one would be surprised at the idea that the use of spy-planes to review what is going on would be considered. What is surprising is the idea that they would be used painted in the colours of the United Nations in order to provoke an attack which could then be used to justify material breach. Now that plainly looks as if it is deception, and it raises some fundamental questions of legality, both in terms of domestic law and international law."
    Indeed. Although plainly, Blair was prepared to go along with anything Bush desired. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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