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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Liberty alert: Terrorism bill returns to Lords today

    Courtesy of Liberty Central:

    First, there are the provisions for the inclusion of 'glorification' of terrorism in provisions designed to outlaw the 'encouragement of terrorism'. There are two basic ways of looking at this part of the Bill; either as the reintroduction of the crime of 'sedition' or the introduction of a new class of 'thoughtcrime' into UK law. Neither view is particularly good or desirable.

    Second, and of particular concern to those of us who inhabit the electromic frontier, are the provisions for 'takedown notices', which will enable the Police to demand the closure of websites that they consider to be 'supporting' terrorism on their own recognisance and without judicial oversight.

    The Lords must not allow themselves to become subject to the authoritarians in charge of our country, they must hold their ground, and stamp on any attempt to bring in these laws, which would severely restrict what we are able to say. Blair & Co must not be allowed to abuse yet more powers. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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