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  • Sunday, February 05, 2006

    Kandahar remains a dangerous place

    The Institute for war and Peace Reporting has this interesting "Letter From Kandahar":

    While the Taleban are no longer visible on the streets, herding people to prayer or enforcing their bans on films, music and kite-flying, they still cast a dark shadow over the city. In this respect, Kandahar has not changed at all. In fact, in recent months the Taleban appear to have turned their attention to more deadly methods. In 2005 and the first few weeks of 2006, Kandahar became the focal point for terrorist attacks. Earlier this month, a suicide bomber drove his motorcycle into a crowd of spectators at a holiday sporting event, killing 27 and wounding dozens more. Late last year, a series of attacks left many dead, including at least one American soldier. During a car ride around the town, our driver, Allaudin, showed us the sites of recent bombings. “Two people were killed here, one injured there,” he would say, pointing vaguely through the windshield. “Soon there won't be a single street without its martyrs.” Shah Mahmoud, a Kandahar resident, worries about his family. “I am not sure of my own life or the lives of my children – not ever, even for a moment. There's a constant risk of death. There are bombs everywhere,” he told me.
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