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  • Monday, February 27, 2006

    Is Gordon Brown a gambler?

    According to this article, from today's Guardian, Brown is backing plans for voting at 16.

    There are just a couple of things I want to say about this idea, firstly, the idea behind this seems to be a good one, however, I remember when I was 16, I was (for my age) quite interested in different issues, however, many of my friends weren't really interested in political issues.

    To engage with young people you have to listen to them, you have to understand why there isn't this respect for authority which Blair & Co are always talking about. How can children look up to politicians, for example, who carry out criminal actions on the international stage? How can they look up to ministers who have allowed paedophiles to have jobs in schools?

    When politicians have engaged with young people on these issues, and many more, when they start giving some respect, then, and perhaps only then should they expect any respect back. In the meantime, if they wish to bring in voting at 16, fine, I think they'll find that vast numbers will go to the polls and kick out those in power when they don't address the issues which do concern them. So, Brown, fancy a bet?

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