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  • Sunday, February 05, 2006

    Iran nuclear issue nothing to do with the Non Proliferation Treaty

    Tony Benn, a valiant campaigner on the left of Blair's Labour party, has stated that he believes Americans are worried by the threat to transfer oil transactions from the US Dollar to the Euro, this report from IRNA:

    "I think that is a much bigger question because if the dollar is undermined by the setting oil in euros, the whole American economy would get into trouble." Benn also believed that the arguments of Tehran have not been well presented in the west. "Iranian case is not understood, it is like Iraq: Bush is heating p and Blair goes along with it and Israel is delighted." he suggested. Saying that the control of information is now the most powerful weapon in the world, the veteran politician added, "If you leave information at the monopoly of George Bush then you will give him advantages" on this ground.
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