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  • Monday, February 13, 2006

    Hurricane Katrina response a national failure

    A report by a Republican committee in the US house of representatives has found that the response to hurricane Katrina was a "national failure", according to this article, from today's Guardian:

    It finds that President George Bush was the one person who could have cut through the bureaucratic paralysis crippling the federal response to last summer's hurricane. "Earlier presidential involvement could have speeded the response," it says. It adds that the White House did not "substantiate, analyse and act on the information at its disposal". It also questions why the "untrained" Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) chief, Michael Brown, was selected to lead the response to the disaster, noting that he and the US military set up rival chains of command.

    The American right wing must really have had enough of the Bush regime to produce such a damning report as this.

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