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  • Monday, February 27, 2006

    Democracy is in meltdown in Britain

    A warning from the power Inquiry, as reported by today's Independent:

    In a bleak picture of the gulf between the government and the governed, it concludes that growing numbers of people feel their votes are wasted and that they have no influence over the decisions that shape their lives. ...... It points to the mass support for causes such as the anti-war movement and the Countryside Alliance and to a recent survey that discovered that half of adults - 20 million people - had done voluntary work. The report, the most extensive of its kind in Britain, concludes that a two-party political system moulded in the early 20th century was out of kilter with a "far more complex" country. The inquiry says that there is a "very widespread sense that citizens feel their views and interests are not taken sufficiently into account".

    I've long argued for widespread reform in this country, the issue needs to be resolved.

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