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  • Friday, February 03, 2006

    CS Spray victim's family calls for ban on police usage

    According to this article, from the Guardian today, the family of a man whose life has been ruined has called for the use of CS spray to be banned:

    Mr Ford's cousin Donna Lewis, 22, had been drinking in the Red Lion in Wareham with Mr Ford and his sister Rachel on the night it happened. They walked on to North Street when Mr Ford saw his friend being questioned by two police officers. He went over to try to take his friend home but ended up pushed against a wall by a police officer. The group of two men and four women were then sprayed with CS gas. Miss Lewis said: "He had gone over just to try and defuse the situation. The gas canister was about three inches away from his face and it wasn't just a short burst - it was held there for over half a minute." Mr Ford was taken to Poole police station and kept overnight before being charged with a public order offence. "By the time my uncle got to him early next morning his face was severely swollen like he had extremely bad sunburn, very red raw," said Miss Lewis. A police officer has told the family that guidelines state CS gas should be sprayed from five metres (16ft) away.
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