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  • Sunday, February 12, 2006

    CIA chief sacked for opposing torture

    You know what a mess the Bush regime has made of America's standing in the world, and how those in power in the US accept and condone torture when you see a headline like that. This report from the Times:

    Robert Grenier, head of the CIA counter-terrorism centre, was relieved of his post after a year in the job. One intelligence official said he was “not quite as aggressive as he might have been” in pursuing Al-Qaeda leaders and networks. Vincent Cannistraro, a former head of counter-terrorism at the agency, said: “It is not that Grenier wasn’t aggressive enough, it is that he wasn’t ‘with the programme’. He expressed misgivings about the secret prisons in Europe and the rendition of terrorists.” Grenier also opposed “excessive” interrogation, such as strapping suspects to boards and dunking them in water, according to Cannistraro.

    Well, I guess we should give credit where it's due, well done to Grenier for standing up and speaking out on American torture. It's just such a shame that America is in such a sorry state that those who speak out against violating both US and international law are sacked from their jobs.

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