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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    "Christian Voice" furious at government funding for "Springer"

    Today's Independent has this report:

    Last week, the Arts Council sneaked out a statement confirming it had approved a £30,000 grant to finance the musical's national tour. ...... Not surprisingly, the pressure group Christian Voice, who have run a colourful campaign against the show, pictured, are apoplectic at the news. They have already protested outside several theatres where the show has been staged, and will now consider a bigger demonstration outside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. "It would not be possible for this show to be any more blasphemous and insulting to Christians if it tried. I cannot believe it has qualified for public money," says spokesman Stephen Green.

    I wonder how many members of "Christian Voice" were shouting from the rooftops about the right of newspapers to publish the Mohammed cartoons? Let's see what reaction the rabid right wingers who claim to believe in free speech have to say about this.
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