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  • Saturday, February 11, 2006

    A call to all Americans: March on Washington 4th July

    Liberty Forum has this post, if you are interested in taking part in such a protest action, I would suggest that you get over there, and let others know you'll be able to make it:

    This July 4, in Washington DC, a call upon all concerned and patriotic Americans, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, grieving parents, brothers, sisters grandparents, war veterans, people of all faiths and backgrounds to come to Washington to march and if necessary peacefully occupy the Whitehouse until such time the crimes of the Bush adminstrations are investigated by the United States Congress. We can take back our country and our future if we have the will to act instead of waiting until it is too late. This is a leaderless resistance, we do not need to organize this, it is simple, all Americans who are tired of the lies and high treasonous crimes of the Bush adminstration need to converge upon Washington DC on July 4 2006 so we can force our Congress to act.

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