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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Bush friend: "you should be very careful about publishing that information"

    Readers will be aware that we are following the case of Richard Nolan Thomas very closely indeed, here at "A Logical Voice". The case involves a former senior Bush regime official, Donald Evans, (formerly the commerce secretary, now in charge of the Katrina fund) and a close personal friend of Bush, Bill Saxon. After communicating with the author of this article, from Northwest Meridian today, I have an update for readers. The author of the original article wrote the following to Saxon while compiling the report, asking him some very simple questions:

    Mr Saxon, We are preparing an article on the Thomas family and their involvementwith the Maderas Tucan mill in Olancho Honduras. We would appreciate ifyou could answer a few questions: In some of your correspondence you claim that Richard Nolan Thomas IIand his father Richard Nolan Thomas Sr. had placed an illegal laborclaim in Honduran court, however in the same and other correspondenceyou state that you knew about the claim and that its purpose was to freethe mill of other encumbrances. Could you clarify why in letters toDonald Evans and other parties you claim that this lawsuit was illegal? I have a copy of the letter of intent was was signed by your manager, JDHodges, and Gary Thomas detailing the deal to purchase the millequipment for ~$7.8M. It does not discuss the physical property, doesthis imply that you knew the land would be transferred by the Thomases labor lien? Further the letter of intent states that you would be paid in full before any of your investors. Did your investors agree to give yourclaim higher priority? Richard Thomas disagrees with the $7.8M price tag in the letter ofintent, he alleges that Gary was only authorized to make a deal forcloser to $2M. Why did Gary agree to such a high price? Did Gary and Ollie ever make good on any payments under the agreement? What is the current status and disposition of the mill, have youforeclosed on it effectively due to non-payment? We have systematically uncovered a chain of evidence that shows thatGary and Ollie were stealing from Proforh and were negotiating customerchecks in their own bank, and falsifying inventory reports. They alsofalsified shipping documents to Travis Holman (for which he has a >$2Moutstanding judgment against Gary) in order to steal payments from himand subsequently shipped the product directly to his customers andaccepted their payments. Did you ever become aware of that situation, ifso, when? Did you have direct conversation with the US embassy in Honduras torequest their assistance, or only with Evans? Could you provide a copy of the contract between the Thomas family andMaderas Tucan? Is there anything else you think I should know?

    You would have thought Mr Saxon would be able to answer the questions point by point, but, he didn't, he replied as follows, according to the author of the Northwest Meridian article:

    "let me warn you about publishing any thing that you do not know to be true...by the questions you have asked me, it appears you have some very bad information and I repeat, you should be very careful about publishing that information, if that is what you are planning to do"

    The author of the article makes clear that Saxon quite obviously isn't aware of the full extent of the paperwork he has access to.

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    At 2/20/2006 06:03:00 pm, Blogger Randy Mott said...

    Several of us have investigated this story and found it to be riddled with inaccuracies.

    An environmental action group fighting illegal logging in Honduras claims that Richard Thomas was an illegal logger and bribed a local official in Honduras to try to block his extradiction to the US. LINK:

    It appears that he may have been in Hondruas illegally, staying without a visa beyond 90 days. It is also not apparent in any of the documents posted on the Internet that there is any bona fide issue about his extradiction to the US.

    Randy Mott

    At 2/23/2006 06:13:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It appears Randy Has not done his homework well enough. This kind of thing would be easy to fabricate and there is no evidence to prove it.

    The Honduran government and military are behind the illegal logging as well as Bush and friends. Here is an excerpt of an article (from Honduras This Week Online) that shows that the military and government are part of a state backed cartel heavily involved in illegal logging, and the military is protecting it.


    MISKUT: state-backed cartel destroying Biosphere

    A chainsaw is used to cut down a hardwood tree in a protected area near the Wampu River.


    TEGUCIGALPA -- The Assembly of Indigenous, Black and Ladino natives of La Mosquitia region this week issued an official declaration criticizing AFE-COHDEFOR, the government institution in charge of protecting and managing the forests, AFE-COHDEFOR.

    The statement rejects the discriminating way in which technicians from the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve and COHDEFOR have excluded these native groups in the design, creation and implementation of the Management Plan for the Biosphere in La Mosquitia which, according to international treaties, has to take the participation of indigenous groups into account.

    The aftermath of logging: this clearing near the Wampu River was once covered by hardwood trees.

    At the same time, the release condemns the illegal and indiscriminate exploitation of precious hardwoods from protected areas and demands that President Carlos Flores order an independent investigation that includes native observers. It also asks for the removal of COHDEFOR Manager Antonio Ortez Turcios, Regional Director Monico Gonzalez and Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve Director Gloria Zelaya, accusing them of being accomplices of the Atlantic Wood Cartel.

    According to Tawahka leader Edgardo Benitez and other base group representatives, illegal trafficking of wood by the government through COHDEFOR is common knowledge in all of the Mosquitia and the rest of the country.

    At 2/23/2006 06:31:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh and another thing I almost forgot to add.

    North American and other multi-nationals have created large forestry operations in Honduras, a Third world nation that can hardly be said to have a stable democracy.

    Most of this rush appears to be related to the tightening restrictions on forestry operations in the Pacific North-West and British Columbia where the natural forest cover has been largely removed in the past few decades.

    At 2/23/2006 06:38:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Death threats recieved by people and assasination attempts too

    Emergency Action: Honduras

    The courageous people of Olancho, Honduras, who form the Olancho Environmental Movement (MAO). Global Response have supported MAO’s “March for Life” each year since 2003. The movement, which aims to stop illegal logging, has faced violence, assassinations and death threats. Once again, an atmosphere of intimidation puts the courageous participants at risk.

    Last Monday August 1, members of the AFE-COHDEFOR (the government agency charged with protecting Honduras forests) met with MAO’s Board of Directors and members of the Coalition for Environmental Justice. During this meeting COHDEFOR encourage MAO and the Coalition to send a letter to the head of COHDEFOR, Mr. Luis Eveline, asking him to revise the Forest management Plan that was approved in 1995, in order to assess the environmental sustainability of the land before any more logging can occur it the area of Salama.

    However, hours after the meeting members of the May 1st Cooperative along with members of the army entered the municipalities of Salama, Silca, El Rosario and Manto. According to eye-witness observers the military unit is not acting to preserve the peace but is actively supporting the loggers.

    The threat in Olancho continues to escalate. Already the communities have prevented one fully loaded truck from leaving the area and are ready to take over the highways to prevent the loggers from cutting down more of the forest. The potential for violence, between the communities and military is imminent unless President Maduro and COHDEFOR intervene immediately.

    At 2/24/2006 12:16:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    Looks like somebody has done her homework.


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