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  • Monday, February 13, 2006

    Brown plans American style veterans day

    According to this report, from today's Daily Mirror, our joint prime minister, Gordon Brown, has plans to introduce a "National Veterans Day" in June. Quite obviously, he aims to glorify our armed forces as much as possible:

    In a speech today Chancellor Gordon Brown calls on young people to take an active part. He will begin the day by welcoming 10 veterans of the Second World War to Downing Street to be awarded medals. Later he will tell the Royal United Services Institute: "Far from failing to teach history on these great struggles, we must do more to remember them so that they will never be forgotten.

    In other words, you must learn to love the military. It's fine to teach children about history, but imposing such a day, in my opinion, is merely glorifying the military above any other things our country has to offer.

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