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  • Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    BNP members cleared of race hate charges, Abu Hamza found guilty

    This article, from today's Independent reports on Abu Hamza being found guilty of hate charges, and sentenced to 7 years in jail:

    Sentencing him, Mr Justice Hughes said he had "helped to create an atmosphere in which to kill has become regarded by some as not only a legitimate course but a moral and religious duty in pursuit of perceived justice". The judge said: "No one can now say what damage your words may have caused. No one can say whether you audience, present or wider, acted on your words."
    It is perhaps worth reminding ourselves of the not guilty verdict on race hate charges of BNP members, from icBirmingham:
    BNP leader Nick Griffin yesterday walked free from court after he was cleared of two race hate charges. A jury failed to reach verdicts on two further allegations he faced and was discharged.
    For those who don't know much about the BNP, take a look at our piece on the bunch of racists:
    In the documentary, footage recorded at a meeting in Keighley shows BNP leader Mr Griffin saying it was important to stand up and act for the party or "they (Muslims) will do for someone in your family". "For saying that, I tell you, I will get seven years if I said that outside." He calls Islam a "wicked, vicious faith" that "has expanded through a handful of cranky lunatics" and "is now sweeping country after country". Another member, Stewart Williams, says he wants to "blow up" Bradford's mosques with a rocket launcher. BNP council candidate Dave Midgley is shown saying he squirted dog faeces through the letterbox of an Asian takeaway. In the film, Mr Barkham says he beat an Asian man during the Bradford riots. But, he says, he was not prosecuted as his victim was unable to identify him from police photographs.
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