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  • Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    Blair's evidence to the commons liaison committee

    The Guardian today reports on Blair's evidence to the Commons Liaison Committee, some highlights:

    How often does the prime minister speak to George Bush about his "pet project", climate change? All the time, he replies.
    Tony Wright, Labour MP for Cannock Chase and chair of the public administration committee, asks the prime minister about the quality of the education white paper. Why mention Sweden in the preface when the education secretary herself admitted that the proposals were not based on the Swedish model? Mr Blair concedes that indeed Sweden has a different system.
    Rother Valley Labour MP Kevin Barron, chair of the health committee, asks the prime minister why the NHS accrued a debt of £250m last year, when it received £69.38bn funding, up £6.7bn on the year before. Mr Blair runs off a list of improvements to illustrate that the NHS is delivering "more than ever before".
    Mr Wright moves things on by raising the "West Lothian question". Shouldn't just MPs for England vote for issues relating to just to England? Mr Blair says he sees what Mr Wright is saying but he doesn't agree with it.
    Mr Blair is asked what measures are needed to tackle the threat from Iran follwing its being reported to the United Nations security council last week. Military action is not on the agenda. he says. "I think it can be dealt with through peaceful and diplomatic means and that is what we are looking to do but it is interesting that in the past few months there has been a change in mood both in Europe and the US and there is certainly a degree of conern and unity about it."
    Blair also claimed that he and Bush were looking to deal with Iraq through peaceful means, but we all know what a lie that was. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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