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  • Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Another defeat for Blair & Co today?

    The so called "glorification of terrorism" plans will be voted on today by MPs, the question is, will Blair & Co once again be defeated? I hope so, the definitions of "glorifying terrorism" are so loose as to be utterly meaningless, and the legislation could easily be abused. Today's Guardian has this report:

    Ministers are determined to overturn an attempt by peers to remove the word, arguing that it is of vital importance to combat the threat of extremism to the UK. They will also seek to restore the offence of indirect encouragement and re-widen powers to place organisations on a banned list.

    Back in September 2005, I outlined a couple of reasons why I was against this offence:

    The answer is, "everyone we say is a terrorist is a terrorist, and even if we once considered someone who is now a terrorist as a freedom fighter, they are still considered a terrorist. However, we'll also have "listed events" which you cannot glorify, of course, we'll pick and choose which events we want listed also"

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