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  • Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    America urging Iraq to create an "oil roadmap"

    Yahoo reports that America is eager that Iraq develop a "roadmap" for developing its vast oil reserves. No doubt there will be behind the scenes arm twisting in order to create a "roadmap" climate satisfactory to US oil giants:

    Three years after the United States invaded Iraq, large scale foreign investment has yet to materialize in the country. Western oil company executives say they are eager to tap into Iraq's oil wealth, but will not do so until the dire security conditions there improve. In any case, Western executives say investing in Iraq is tough because they aren't sure who to talk to or what the rules for operating in the country are. Many had hoped parliamentary elections in December would pave the way for a stable government that would quickly outline its oil policies.

    The greedy war profiteering oil barons will no doubt be offering all sorts of rewards for a "roadmap" suitable to their own company's interests.

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