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  • Monday, February 13, 2006

    Abuse as "fun"

    A reminder of a report from last November, courtesy of the Insider:

    At first the two marines fight with mats rolled around their arms but the man in the surgeon's outfit appears to instruct them to use bare fists. One of them seems to refuse and is kicked in the face. The attack appears to leave him unconscious.


    New rules banning such ceremonies were introduced but they have continued. At a court martial in February a "japping" was described in which the victim was tied to an ironing board and had a ball bearing gun fired at him. The victim was also alleged to have been indecently assaulted with a broom handle. Timothy Lyons, of the 29 Commando Regiment, who admitted taking part in the ritual, said it was seen as "fun" and an accepted part of military life.

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