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  • Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Abu Hamza: Pantomime villain, political pawn, or terrorist player?

    I found this article, from today's Independent to make a rather interesting read:

    But British detectives say privately there are no proven connections between the cleric and these plots. His trial heard that the nearest thing to evidence of an active plot was a mention of Big Ben - along with the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty - as potential targets in a so-called terrorism manual found at his London home. Before his arrest in 2004, Abu Hamza presented two faces to his adopted country. When police arrived at his terraced house in Shepherds' Bush, at 3am two years ago, with an extradition warrant, their attention was drawn to two items in the sitting room. On a bookshelf and written in Arabic script was the Encyclopedia of Afghani Jihad - an 11-volume tome described by detectives as a "manual of terrorism". The second was a framed certificate attesting to the holder's membership of the Institution of Civil Engineers in Whitehall. The focus at the Old Bailey trial was on the encyclopedia, which formed the basis of a charge of possessing an item likely to be useful to a terrorist. Based on CIA training manuals provided to mujahedin fighters in the 1980s, the tome was described by the cleric as a gift. But the engineering qualification reveals much about the transformation of Abu Hamza.

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