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  • Saturday, February 11, 2006

    19 months for a wealthy lawyer who stabbed his wife to death

    The Telegraph has this report on how a wealthy lawyer with an international law firm stabbed his wife to death more than 30 times, and will only serve 19 months of a jail sentence:

    Despite this, Lumsden retained "a substantial degree'' of responsibility for his actions. "You knew when you picked up a knife and advanced towards your wife that you were going to plunge it into her. "When she glimpsed you in the mirror you had the opportunity to turn back. You did not. You stabbed her with lethal intent. What occurred, therefore, was not just a tragedy but a crime, and a serious crime.''

    The Telegraph seems to have taken a moderate tone with this murderer. I am quite sure if the murderer had been less wealthy, and lived on a council estate, the tone of the article would be rather different.

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