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  • Tuesday, January 31, 2006

    Australian ambassador to the US tried to kill probe into dealings with Iraq

    The Sydney Morning Herald has news that Australia's ambassador to the US lobbied the US congress to stop an investigation into an Australian company's dealings with Saddam Hussein's regime:

    The Federal Government confirmed last night that the then ambassador, Michael Thawley, met the chairman of a US Senate investigations committee in late 2004 to head off the planned inquiry. The AWB investigation was ultimately dropped, despite the US Government having information that an AWB wheat contract might have been inflated to cover kickbacks to Iraq. This information included a report, seen by the Herald, from the US Defence Contract Audit Agency. It is understood a Senate sub-committee did not pursue the AWB investigation in the face of the fierce resistance of AWB.
    Interesting, the Australian ambassador (An ally of the US) requests that the US drop an investigation into dealings with Saddam Hussein, and the US agrees, while George Galloway, an opponent of Bush's war is villified by the American right wing, and throw all sorts of allegations at him. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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