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  • Friday, September 30, 2005

    Venezuela condemns ruling on terrorist

    The Guardian reports on the blocking, by a US court, of the deportation of a terrorist wanted by Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a plane, which killed 76 people:

    Posada, a 77-year-old Cuban who also holds Venezuelan citizenship and was once a CIA operative, is accused of masterminding the bombing from Caracas, but has denied involvement. All 73 people on board the Cubana Airlines plane were killed when it exploded after takeoff from Barbados. Chavez said the decision not to hand over Posada was hyprocritical for a U.S. government that has faced charges of human rights abuses in Iraq. Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel called the ruling ``vile, and just as sinister as the very act of terrorism.''
    Perhaps Hugo Chavez should do what the US did, and demand that America hand over Posada, or face serious consequences? I wonder how the regime in Washington would like their buildings bombed, and their families killed, their friends held by Venezuela in some grubby "detention centre" being abused and tortured by Venezuelan nationals, and members of the Bush regime having to hide out in holes in the ground? See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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