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  • Friday, September 30, 2005

    Most Americans don't believe "exporting democracy" makes the world safer

    According to this article, from the Boston Globe, a poll has found that only 28% of Americans believe that the world is safer when there are more democracies, while 68% of respondents said that while life inside a democracy may be better, but that does not make the world safer:

    The program director, Steven Kull, said the poll indicates most people have not bought into President Bush's contention that ''promoting democracy is a critical means for fighting terrorism and making the world safer." Bush has made promoting democracy around the world a centerpiece of the war on terrorism.
    Americans don't believe Bush, perhaps that's why he's hit the bottle again. I wouldn't be surprised if he was also snorting cocaine. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


    At 10/01/2005 07:23:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    I guess they recognise a euphemism when hey see one...


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