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  • Monday, September 26, 2005

    Labour leadership vetoes debate on Robin Cook

    You may remember, I posted a few days ago that several Labour Party members had wanted to debate the legacy of Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary, who resigned over Iraq. The Independent reports today that the leadership doesn't want his legacy to be debated:

    Twenty local parties had backed the motion, which threatened to embarrass Tony Blair by highlighting Mr Cook's resignation over Iraq and his rejection of many Blairite reforms, including the expansion of the role of private companies in public services. The motion made a sideswipe at the invasion of Iraq, arguing that "our interests are best protected not by unilateral action but by multilateral agreement and a world order governed by rules". It also challenged the increasing role played by the private sector in public services such as the National Health Service, calling for "the defence of public services and the public service ethos", including renewed efforts to "make the ideological case for health and education as a public realm in which citizenship is more important than market power".
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