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  • Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    Somali says "it could have been me who got shot that day"

    The Guardian reports on a Somali who was caught up in the London bombing investigation, and how it could so easily have been him murdered, rather than Jean Charles de Menezes:

    "I knew him from the gym, although not well, not 100%," said Mr Omar, 42. " I lent him my card. But I have no idea why it was in the rucksack." An army surveillance specialist, on attachment to Scotland Yard, had begun watching the flats where Mr Omar lived at 6.30am on the day after the failed attacks. Mr Omar was living in a second-floor flat in the block, while Mr de Menezes was on the first floor. Police had decided to monitor everyone leaving through the front door. When Mr de Menezes emerged the soldier was, according to his later statement, relieving himself, and was unsure whether he had been watching either Mr Omar or Mr Osman.
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