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  • Sunday, August 28, 2005

    "Patriotic pins" made in China

    Oh, I do like ironies, this one is quite delicious, from the Arizona Daily Star:

    Billy Shields, a member of the commission formed to build the memorial, said Sid Leluan, owner of Lapel Pins and More, gave the commission a great deal, minting them for 61 cents each. But Shields said he didn't know until the pins were already ordered - and, in fact, on their way to the commission - that they were not being made at the Tucson firm. Gov. Janet Napolitano, who last month publicly asked Arizonans to buy the pins, said no one told her before her press conference that they were made in China. In fact, speakers at the press conference made a big point of telling reporters how the pins were made by a Tucson firm. But Napolitano said she doesn't want concerns about where the pins were manufactured to become an issue.
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