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  • Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    Ken Livingstone to face disciplinary hearing

    According to this article, from today's Guardian, Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London is to face a disciplinary hearing, following remarks made to a London Evening Standard reporter earlier this year. The board of deputies of British Jews made a complaint about Mr Livingstone's remarks to the Standards Board for England, and they've decided that Ken will have to face a hearing by the adjudication panel:

    Mr Livingstone said last night: "The Standards Board has rejected the allegation that I failed to comply with the GLA's code of conduct in relation to this exchange. The tribunal will now consider the issue of whether I treated a journalist with respect."
    I think it's also worth reminding some just why Ken Livingstone made the comments that he did. This post from February should refresh your memories:
    "Rothermere wrote an article, 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts', in January 1934, in which he praised Mosley for his 'sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine', and the paper published articles lamenting the number of German Jews entering Britain as refugees after the rise of Nazism. "Rothermere had several meetings with Adolf Hitler, and addressed him as 'My Dear Fuhrer' in letters and telegrams. He argued that the Nazi leader wanted peace, and in 1934 campaigned for the African land confiscated in the Versailles Treaty to be returned to Germany. "Rothermere and the Mail supported [British prime minister] Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement, particularly leading up to the Munich Agreement.
    This post sets out exactly what Ken Livingstone said back in February: Mr Livingstone repeated his question and then asked: "What did you do? Were you a German war criminal?" Finegold told the mayor that he was Jewish and therefore found the remark offensive, before asking again how the event had gone. Mr Livingstone replied: "Arr right, well you might be [Jewish], but actually you are just like a concentration camp guard, you are just doing it because you are paid to, aren't you?" Finegold: "Great, I have you on record for that. So, how was tonight?" Mr Livingstone: "It's nothing to do with you because your paper is a load of scumbags and reactionary bigots." Finegold: "I'm a journalist and I'm doing my job. I'm only asking for a comment." Mr Livingstone: "Well work for a paper that doesn't have a record of supporting fascism." See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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