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  • Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    The growing influence of "evangelicals" in the US military

    The Washington Post reports on the worrying influence of so called "Christian evangelicals" on the US military. I wonder if those so called "Christians" have ever heard the phrase "Thou shalt not kill"? You cannot be both a "Christian" and engage in acts which promote killing.

    The growing influence of evangelical Protestants is roiling the military chaplain corps, where their desire to preach their faith more openly is colliding with long-held military traditions of pluralism and diversity. After accusations this summer that evangelical chaplains, faculty and coaches were pressuring cadets at the Air Force Academy, the Air Force yesterday issued new guidelines on respect for religious minorities. In the Navy, evangelical Protestant chaplains are fighting what they say is a legacy of discrimination in hiring and promotions, and they are bridling at suggestions they not pray publicly "in the name of Jesus."
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