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  • Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    Breaking News: Press conference on Jean Charles de Menezes murder

    The Brazilian embassy in London is hosting a press conference on the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, carried out by police officers on the 22nd July. Officials from Brazil arrived in Britain yesterday. As you may have heard, in related news, the IPCC says that it should have its report ready on Mr de Menezes's murder by Christmas. Conference began at approx. 3:12 PM The mission arrived yesterday, and intends to stay until Friday. They will follow up procedures and maintain a dialogue with police and the IPCC, and also looking into the legislation applicable in this case. They are "trying to understand what is going on". Particularly interested in the links between the Met Police and IPCC, and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) "We are trusting its (The IPCC) methods" At this point in time, Brazilian officials claim that they don't believe Met Police trying to cover things up. "We were perplexed because of the leak...we were trying to find out some explanation for the new facts." "Mr Yates gave us information about the circumstances surrounding the death..all the data was transferred to the IPCC" Journalists asks if Brazilians are concerned because a full 6 days passed before information was passed to IPCC. Brazilian officials say "they are obliged to send everything to the IPCC". They seem to be skirting the question. Brazilian officials now explaining about the police offering the de Menezes family money. They don't seem to really understand the workings of the IPCC, the coroner etc...


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