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  • Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    All of New Orleans will soon be underwater

    I was watching some news footage last night of the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina, and some survivors accounts, I have to say it was moving to hear people speaking about what they'd been through, although why those people didn't evacuate when they could have done so, I don't know. This report from WDSU.com:

    In an exclusive interview with WDSU anchor Norman Robinson, Nagin said the rising water has caused the generators to stop operating because the water got too high. Due to that, Nagin said he's been advised by the head technician at the sewage and water board that water in the east bank area of Orleans and Jefferson parishes will rise to levels equal to Lake Pontchartrain. "It's going to rise to 3 feet above seal level. For example, St. Charles Avenue is 6 feet below sea level, there will most likely be 9 feet of water on St. Charles Avenue," Nagin said. Also, if residents are in a part of city that is 10 feet below sea level, Nagin said the levels will probably rise to 13 feet of water. He said the "bowl is now filling up" and the entire city will soon be underwater.
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