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  • Monday, July 25, 2005

    Right wing Tories urge Bush like policies

    According to this article, from today's Guardian right wingers in the Tory party have said that the party should adopt a Bush like approach with their policies, described as a "faith, family and flag" agenda by some. Well, if they really want to stay in the wilderness for many years to come then I guess they should go ahead and do that. Bush's approach wouldn't wash in Britain, after all, he can't even win an election in his own country without having a little help from some fraudulent voting activities, what chance have the Tories of winning an election with Bush like policies in this country, with a slightly more socially conscious electorate:

    The shadow transport secretary, Alan Duncan, also warned: "Censorious judgmentalism from the moralising wing, which treats half our own countrymen as enemies, must be rooted out ... if the Tory Taliban can't get that, they'll condemn us all to oblivion." But in a direct attack on left-wing colleagues, Mr Leigh writes that the liberal media's "horrible caricature" of conservatives has produced self-loathing within the party.
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