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  • Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Foreign Office attacks ex Uzbek envoy for speaking out on human rights abuses

    What sort of "civilised society" would not want people to speak out on human rights abuses carried out? One that is not so "civilised" I would say. This article from today's Guardian:

    Although it would, in theory, be possible to prosecute him under the Official Secrets Act, the government is more likely to bring a civil action against him for breach of confidence. Mr Murray was deprived of his ambassadorship last year after the leak of a report in which he criticised the use of torture material by MI6. He said yesterday: "I'm not surprised the government want to ban my book. It contains a lot of information they don't want to have known. None of it concerns national security, but illegal and underhand behaviour by the British government". Mr Murray's friends say he is "unlikely" to comply with a demand that he submit the manuscript for approval.
    Craig Murray should not have to submit his book to be censored by Blair's lackeys, just because there may be politically sensitive material in there. It's a disgrace in a so called "freedom and democratic loving" society that a government can order someone to submit to their orders in this way or face punishment. Craig Murray should have the support of all real "freedom and democratic loving" people. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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