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  • Sunday, July 24, 2005

    The children of Hiroshima

    The Observer has this report, from the persective of survivors of the Hiroshima atrocity:

    Housewives and children were incinerated instantly or paralysed in their daily routines like the victims of Pompeii, their internal organs boiled and their bones charred into brittle charcoal. All 30 people inside the industrial promotion hall, about 160 metres north-west of the explosion's hypocentre, were killed instantly and the building was gutted by fire. Yet many of the walls remained upright and the copper skeleton of the dome remained intact as 48,000 buildings in the city were flattened. For Mr Tanabe, Hiroshima is not an image or event but home, a core of identity where his mother and baby brother perished. For decades he could not bring himself to return to the industrial promotion hall, which has been renamed the A-bomb Dome and granted United Nations World Heritage status. It perches on the corner of a memorial peace park in the shadow of skyscrapers and that most American of landmarks, a baseball stadium.
    Do you want to contribute towards a campaign to ensure that Hiroshima never happens again? Then please, pledge your support for our Blogathon 2005 efforts, on behalf of Greenpeace. At our "Blogathon 2005 - Blogging For Greenpeace" blog especially set up for the 24 hour event, a Dutch Greenpeace campaigner has promised to do some blogging for us, Rianne will be in Hiroshima will a group of schoolchildren to mark the 60th anniversary of the US dropping their atomic bomb there. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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