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  • Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Blair orders judges not to try and limit his powers

    The Independent today reports that Blair has warned judges not to interfere with any of his "anti terror" policies. Blair & Co apparently believe that they are some sorts of superior beings who can order anyone to do whatever they want others to do:

    He told a Downing Street press conference: "We've been trying to do things, but they have been blocked." Asked who had been responsible for that, he said: "You can go back over the court cases."
    Blair is possibly referring to the judges who said that holding foreign nationals indefinitely without any chargeswas illegal. He may also be inferring that he doesn't want a judge to be responsible for holding detainees indefinitely, of course, he'd much prefer that his lackeys be responsible for deciding who gets to be imprisoned indefinitely. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


    At 7/27/2005 07:35:00 pm, Blogger Jez said...


    At 7/29/2005 03:04:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    "he vowed Britain would give "not one inch" to suicide bombers."

    It seems to me that changing the rights of the accused is giving several feet. Changing the law as such would make the disruptions caused by the terrorist bombings deeper and more permanent in the society.

    But this is not surprising coming from Blair. It is traditionally held that the greatest miscarriage of justice is when the wrong man is accused and found guilty of a crime. Blair turned that on its head a few years ago in a speech saying the greatest miscarriage was when a guilty person walks free. So if the state throws you in prison without cause, don't you dare bellyache!


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