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  • Thursday, July 28, 2005

    Abu Ghraib guards were "just following orders"

    According to this article, from Yahoo, it seems the Pentagon sent teams to Abu Ghraib to teach their young brown shirts so called "interrogation techniques" learned at Guantanamo bay. Perhaps we should rename the torture chamber in Cuba as "School of the Americas part 2":

    "We understood that he was sent over by the secretary of defense," Maj. David Dinenna testified. He said teams of trainers were also sent to Abu Ghraib "to take these interrogation techniques, other techniques they learned at Guantanamo Bay, and try to incorporate them in Iraq." The former warden's testimony follows defense claims that using unmuzzled dogs to terrify Abu Ghraib inmates was sanctioned high up the chain of command and wasn't just a game played by two rogue soldiers, as the government claims.
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