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  • Friday, June 24, 2005

    What were "911" hijackers doing on board Republican lobbyists casino boat?

    That's the question posed by the Mad Cow Morning News:

    Less than a week before the 9.11 attack, for example, Atta and several other hijackers made a still-unexplained visit onboard one of Abramoff’s casino boats. What were they doing there? No one knows.
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    At 6/24/2005 04:07:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Like many "devout" muslims, the 9/11 bunch liked casinos, stripclubs etc, to the extent they met in Las Vegas where they could both indulge and whip themselves into a righteous rage.
    Pathetic specimens.

    At 6/24/2005 11:16:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    By all accounts, this bunch has about as much chance of getting into heaven as a camel passing through the eye of a needle. Not only does Islam forbid one from killing oneself, it also forbids hanging out boozing in strip clubs.

    At 6/25/2005 03:21:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Muhammad treated truth and deception according his own style of situational ethics. Muhammad condoned, and actually permitted, lying to further his goals:

    For example,

    Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:
    Allah's Apostle said, "Who is willing to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?" Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, "O Allah's Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?" The Prophet said, "Yes," Muhammad bin Maslama said, "Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab). "The Prophet said, "You may say it." ... (Sahih al-Bukhari 5.369, cf. the article on Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf for further details)

    Muhammad clearly condoned dishonesty, as well as murder, when it suited his purposes.

    The 9/11 hijackers clearly believed that their actions of deception (gambling, drinking of alcohol etc.) were in accordance with muhammadanism and, after due reading of the koran and the life of muhammad, who can dispute their logic.

    At 6/25/2005 06:02:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    Mohammed built an army and a movement - but I don't see the connection to whether or not, following the rules of Islam, the 9/11 murderers could or could not get into heaven should such a place exist.

    Furthermore, I haven't seen any indication from any reports anywhere that we are "clear" on what the 9/11 murderers beliefs were. What they seem to be are jihadists who are using Islam as their vangard party with the state as their prize.


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