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  • Monday, June 27, 2005

    Israeli tactics revealed

    According to this article, from the Scotsman, former IDF soldiers have stated that there is a growing climate of moral corruption within the force, they have also stated that IDF troops routinely fired into Palestinian areas without any specific target, and that Palestinian civilians are used as human shields by the IDF:

    What emerges from the testimonies is that far from being aberrations, abuses of Palestinian civilians are institutionalised and come from the highest levels of the army. In one written account by a soldier who served in Ujah village, near Jericho in 2001, he describes the "suspicious object" procedure. "If there is a suspicious object such as a pile of rocks in the road, we stop a Palestinian and send him to move the object while the soldiers hide behind cover," he said. "The Palestinian is considered unimportant since the object was put there by another Palestinian."
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