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  • Saturday, June 25, 2005

    Iran not even close to nuclear weapon making capacity

    According to this report, from SpaceWar, the former chief weapons inspector has told a Swedish radio station that Iran is not even close to developing nuclear weaponry:

    Blix on Thursday however said the concerns over that plant were exaggerated, pointing out that while the shell of the plant was built with German group Siemens before the Iran-Iraq war, Russia had stepped in after the war with only low-grade nuclear technology. "It's like putting the motor of a Lada in a Mercedes car," he joked, adding that the light-water reactors being used are also not ideal for creating plutonium. "It is possible, but it is very difficult. The way you would usually go is to have a research reactor," he said. Although the Iranians have said they plan to build a 40 megawatt research reactor, Blix insisted that their plans are too far off to really cause much concern.
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