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  • Monday, May 30, 2005

    Fear of civil war spreads across Iraq

    You may remember, in Afghanistan, the US interfered in a civil war there, however, in Iraq, the US has created a civil war atmosphere. This report from the LA Times:

    "I'm worried 24 hours a day," said Zainab Hassan, a university student majoring in computer science. "Whenever I hear bomb or shooting, I call my mother and husband to check if they're OK. I can see a civil war coming, it's obvious. Everybody is talking about it. We have to be more careful." Iraqis such as Abu Mohammed, who sells books along the Tigris River, struggle to comprehend how the euphoria of January's election has withered so quickly. They find contradictions rather than answers. Life has become a vicious thrum, with boys clinging to courtyard walls and gun battles beneath the date palms appearing live on TV.
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