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  • Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    The EU constitution is dead

    According to this article, from the Guardian, Blair is apparently to ask Chirac to declare whether he believes that the EU constitution is now dead. I don't really see how Chirac could say that it was anything but dead after the French gave the thumbs down to it. The Dutch also look likely to vote no in their referendum on the issue tomorrow:

    A double no from two founding members of the EU in the space of three days would deal such a blow to the constitution that all sides may agree it is dead. This would clear the way for Jack Straw to announce the cancellation of the British referendum when he addresses MPs on Monday. If the picture is less clear, it is understood that the prime minister and other leaders fac ing difficult referendum campaigns will make their move in private at the European summit in Brussels on June 16-17. They will stop short of calling on Mr Chirac to deliver the last rites to the constitution.
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