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  • Thursday, April 28, 2005

    US failure on Sudan

    I've said in the past, the US has so much ability to do some good in the world, it is, however very rarely these days when they actually choose to do so. This article, from Yahoo highlights the Sudan crisis, where the Bush regime, who could be leading the way in helping to resolve the ongoing conflict are moving very slowly on the issue, and don't really seem too interested:

    "For Zoellick to float 60,000 as a low end number is negligent criminally," said Prendergast, whose group estimates as many as 10,000 people or more die each month in Darfur. "It's a deliberate effort by the Bush administration to downplay the severity of the crisis in order to reduce the urgency of an additional response. I find that to be disingenuous and perhaps murderous," he added in a conference call to discuss a report on Sudan by the group.
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