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  • Monday, April 25, 2005

    "Never Again"

    The Lib Dems have adverts in the papers today, featuring a grinning Bush and Blair standing "shoulder to shoulder", and the words "never again". Meanwhile, a human rights lawyer, according to this article is questioning the date on which Blair sought the legal advice to invade Iraq, believing the date may indicate that advice was sought as early as Blair's return from Bush's Texas ranch in 2002. From the Independent:

    Lord Lester will today apply to the Information Commissioner Richard Thomas for the release of the date under the Freedom of Information Act. "It must be pure political embarrassment which is causing them to defy the Ombudsman's findings," he said. "It is an extremely rare thing to do and completely unacceptable. What are they trying to hide?" A senior Labour strategist dismissed allegations that there had been a cover-up about the war as "garbage". Mr Blair and Gordon Brown will refocus on the economy in British cities today.
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