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  • Saturday, April 30, 2005

    For the people of Iran, vote Blair out

    From IranMania: For the people of Iran, vote Blair out: UK group

    On its webpage, Strategic Voter listed recommendations for each constituency, with the aim of steering towards a balanced (or "hung") Parliament. "We want to punish the government, but not finish up with a Tory majority either," it said. A variety of campaigns have been launched by the anti-war movement that has grown up in Britain opposed to the Iraq war, including vote4peace, which is demanding 'No More Iraqs' and calling on Blair to tell the US it "can't attack Iran." There is also the DitchBlairProject, the dumpBlair campaign, makevotescount, stolenvotes and many others, often with the support of traditional Labour voters and mostly intent on forcing the Prime Minister out of office as soon as possible by weakening his power.
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