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  • Monday, April 25, 2005

    Blair too busy to visit his constituency

    How can the people of Sedgefield be expected to vote for a man who is supposed to represent their concerns, when he hasn't even bothered showing up in his own constituency? Quite obviously, they shouldn't be expected to. This report from the Independent:

    Mr Blair has a majority of 17,713 in a rock solid Labour constituency. The only occasion in modern British politics in which a Prime Minister could be said to have lost a seat was when Ramsay MacDonald, who had just surrendered the leadership of an increasingly conservative dominated coalition government for an election, was beaten by Manny Shinwell in 1935. Isn't this nothing more than a highly-publicised tilting at windmills? Martin Bell shook his head. "I was told in the early stages if that I stood no chance. I remember The Guardian saying it was 'an amateurish campaign run like a Blue Peter appeal'. Well, these things take on a momentum of their own, and this is happening here. Reg Keys' campaign is much more organised and better funded than mine was at a similar stage. He is picking up votes, there is no doubt about that."
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