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  • Tuesday, March 29, 2005

    Tory activists defy their leader

    The Independent has news today that Tory activists in Howard Flight's Arundel and South Down's constituency are demanding that he should be allowed to address them. The Tories do indeed look in disarray:

    Mr Howard now faces a trial of strength with the 2,000 members of Arundel and South Downs Conservative Association, one of the wealthiest and largest in the country. Baroness O'Cathain, its president, backed Mr Flight's call for an extraordinary meeting of the association to hear his case and said she felt "a grave injustice" has been done. Lady O'Cathain said many ordinary party members were deeply upset. "It has come as a huge blow to the constituency. It is just disaster after disaster after disaster," she said. "They are going round like headless chickens. They are really in bereavement - grief status - because I don't think people realise just what a brilliant constituency MP Howard has been."
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