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  • Monday, March 28, 2005

    Sharon says Israel cannot expect "explicit American agreement" on settlements

    By those words, I presume Sharon means that although the US will not give "explicit agrement", the Bush regime will not be condemening Sharon & Co for any illegal activity, and for breaches in the road map deal:

    The Americans agreed to make a distinction between isolated settlements and blocs, but demanded that the discussion of both types of settlement proceed simultaneously. Israel objected, and the talks were suspended, without having reached an agreement. Senior political sources assume that the suspension of the talks on delimiting the settlements was part of the "break" that the United States gave to Sharon in light of the disengagement plan. Just as the evacuation of the illegal outposts was postponed until after the withdrawal from Gaza, so will the issue of freezing construction in the settlements be deferred. Israel would like to "synchronize" Bush's promise that the settlement blocs will be annexed to Israel in the future with the possibility of building in the present phase, before a final status agreement.
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