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  • Thursday, March 31, 2005

    Rumsfeld admits Iraq defeat

    It appears that Rumsfeld has basically admitted defeat in Iraq, saying that it is upto the Iraqis to defeat the so called "insurgents" in the country, not the US led occupation forces who created the insurgency in the first place. DefenseLink News has this report: Iraqis, Not Coalition, Must Defeat Insurgents, Rumsfeld Says

    The secretary said he didn’t “see a lot of options to end the insurgency” in Iraq, but instead envisioned “steps that one needs to take that will reduce the insurgency.” Iraqi leaders continue their work to establish a new, democratic government. Meanwhile, ongoing military, political, economic and other types of assistance provided to Iraq by the United States and coalition nations, Rumsfeld observed, “is going to create an environment that’s hospitable to the Iraqi people’s success.” When the Iraqi people fully realize they have a voice and a stake in their nation’s affairs, Rumsfeld noted, then that event “should have the effect of reducing the insurgency.”
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