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  • Monday, March 28, 2005

    Right wing, "Christian" fundamentalist pharmacists refusing birth control

    According to this report, from the Washington Post, some pharmacists in the US are refuse to dispense birth control and morning after pills, because, they claim, prescribing such things "violates their personal moral or religious beliefs":

    "There are pharmacists who will only give birth control pills to a woman if she's married. There are pharmacists who mistakenly believe contraception is a form of abortion and refuse to prescribe it to anyone," said Adam Sonfield of the Alan Guttmacher Institute in New York, which tracks reproductive issues. "There are even cases of pharmacists holding prescriptions hostage, where they won't even transfer it to another pharmacy when time is of the essence."
    What right do those pharmacists have to deny people any medication which they have been prescribed? By denying people their rights to such birth control, for religious reasons, they are not much better than the taliban. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


    At 3/28/2005 03:07:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'Not much better than the Taleban' - what's the 'not much' all about, wrap a tea towel round their head and improve their tan slightly and they are the Taleban. I'm sure if you got a group of both in the same room they'd find a lot of common ground. Then the rest of us really would be shafted!
    As pharmacists and essentially members of the medical profession they should reconcile their 'personal moral or religious beliefs' with the oath that all other members of the profession take to do no harm and respect the wishes of those being treated. Or alternatively do everyone a favour and bugger off back to the dusty bible belt to handle snakes and talk in tongues and hopefully die off quietly.
    Nutters and freaks - what a scary shame they constitute half the population of the most powerful 'empire' on Earth, have the vote and all vote for Bush. Who said democracy works? Certainly not Plato (or was it Aristotle?)!

    At 3/28/2005 03:25:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    Me thinks you hit the send button 52 times too many.

    At 3/28/2005 03:26:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    Scratch that. I'm showing 114 times too many now. By the time this is posted, who knows?

    At 3/28/2005 04:07:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Thank you for your comment anonymous, unfortunately, it was posted about 114 times. I've managed to delete about half of them, and will go through the rest of them at another time.

    At 3/28/2005 06:10:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The pharmacists are excercising their conscience.
    It's no different than some physicians who elect to not perform certain procedures, for example abortions, for personal reasons.
    I have no problem with it, preferably such pharmacies/pharmacists would be known in advance so I could take my prescription elsewhere.

    At 3/28/2005 07:36:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Anonymous, in a sense, pharmacists are providing a public service, or duty. When people decide to enter into that sort of job, they should realise that they will come across all sorts of people with different views than themselves.

    When people walk into a pharmacists, they should not expect to be greeted by someone taking the moral high ground over contraception, or indeed any other matter. They are paid to perform a service, if they do not wish to perform that service, then they should be fired, or should not apply to do the job in the first place.

    After all, whatever next? Doctors refusing to give the prescriptions?

    At 3/29/2005 03:01:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Your medical staff are largely government employees so your attitude is understandable - but wrong.

    At 3/29/2005 11:16:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...


    At 3/30/2005 06:17:00 pm, Blogger DJEB said...

    Here's why I think he is right:

    When one opens a business and gets a charter to do so, it is for the good of the community. This is why company licenses are granted. If you don't operate within the terms of that contract, your business has no legal right to exist (even if there seems to be no courts willing to here challenges to corporate charters). Businesses are not there to exercise the whims of the business owners.

    At 4/01/2005 03:24:00 am, Blogger DJEB said...

    So there is no reason why he is wrong?

    At 4/01/2005 06:30:00 pm, Blogger Voice 1 said...

    Actually anonymous, I don't believe chemists' employees are government employees.


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