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  • Tuesday, March 29, 2005

    Report: Rice likely to back Iraq pullot

    According to this report, from The Chicago Sun Times, Condoleeza Rice it seems would support a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq sooner rather than later:

    "She is not controlled by the neo-cons insisting on achieving a perfect democracy before we go," a colleague told me. That reflects not only the national consensus but also the preponderance of Republican opinion. Without debating the wisdom of military intervention in Iraq two years ago, President Bush's supporters believe it now is time to go and leave the task of subduing the insurgents to Iraqis.
    So, it seems she believes that those who have created such a mess in Iraq should leave the country for the Iraqis to sort out. Not that I disapprove of US troops, and indeed British troops getting out of the country, but it would seem very strange if the regime which created such a disaster were to pull out of Iraq before other nations. After all why should other nations have to clean up the mess? The Bush regime were the most determined to illegally invade the country, their troops should be the last to leave, and any consequences of that are entirely the making of the rogue regime in Washington. See all recent "A Logical Voice" posts


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